You can find our Café on the ground floor of Craft London. Pick up a loaf to go of Greenwich Rise (our wood oven baked sourdough), a Craft London roasted coffee, a pizza, salad or a fresh juice. Eat with us inside or outside where you can also wander through the Peninusula Garden.

V60 now available...

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Today's Salads

Salad 1 Pickled Cabbage/ Cucumber/ Chilli/ Mint/ Soya Sauce

Salad 2 Asparagus/ Sugarsnap Peas/ Green Pepper/ Pomegranate/ Herbs

Salad 3 Avocado/ Beet Leaves/ Radish/ Seeds


Aeropress is our favourite way to make a great cup of coffee; below outlines how we do it, but you may find smaller tweaks to brewing time or water temperature to get the cup that’s just right for you.

  1. Weigh out 18g of good quality coffee beans and grind. This will be about 2 aeropress scoops.
  2. Place a coffee filter into the black cap of your aeropress and screw on tight.
  3. Place the aeropress filter side down above a headed cup and place the ground coffee into the aeropress.
  4. Slowly add 250ml of water at 90°C into the aeropress and give one gentle stir.
  5. Allow to brew for 1 minute 15 seconds.
  6. Slowly plunge, stopping when the first air escapes.
  7. Drink your delicious coffee.
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